The PLANMECA® ProMax® 3D is a multi-purpose imaging unit that allows for 3D imaging of the patient's facial structure and tissues in the minutest detail. The ProMax can also provide all the types of imaging in one unit - panoramic, bitewing, cephalometric and 3D computed tomography (CT). It can provide a comprehensive view of the mandible and maxilla as well as the tissues, joints and sinuses.

In using ProMax 3D, the benefits for our patients include:

  • Convenience: the ProMax takes images faster than conventional x-ray machines and all images can be taken here in our office - with just one machine.

  • Safety: greater safety for patients because you receive much lower exposure to radiation compared to conventional x-rays and CT scans

  • Accuracy: greater accuracy in diagnosis and treatment planning using the latest high definition technology

  • Peace of Mind: greater assurance of comprehensive and efficient orthodontic treatment